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drilling fluid containment  


Bill Heide came out to the rig at the beginning of 2010 to take measurements and build us the Upper Tray for our flow tee.
Needless to say the service along with the product are fantastic. I am very pleased with the product and the service Bill has given us. There have been no issues what so ever with the product, it is working wonderfully. I would whole heartedly recommend this system and am very pleased with it.

Don McLaughlin: Rig Manager Akita Rig 46.


In June 2010, Bill Heide came to my rig to measure for the mud saver assembly on the 11" x 300PSI BOP. We had a very good discussion of the installation of components. Bill built the mudsaver tray and steel ring for the flowtee, then brought the system to my rig and helped install the system. Once a steel ring was welded onto the flowtee, it took us approximately two minutes to install the tray.

I would recommend that all rigs should have this system as it is very easy to install, keeps your cellar clean and saves your drilling fluid.

Robert Rodin
Rigmanager Ensign 547