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drilling fluid containment  

Environmentally Friendly Drilling


The Top Tray is installed in such a way that no seals are required to direct the fluid into the Flow Tee.

An expansion collar is incorporated onto the top of the Flow Tee, this gives us a perfect circle for installation, it also provides margin so the tray does not interfere with tooling, traveling in and out of the hole.

When the collar is welded to the Flow Tee, and the top tray is installed, there is no potential for leakage.


The Bottom Tray sits on a flange that is welded onto the Flow Tee, the Tray is then supported around the perimeter with ratchet straps.

The Flashing that is welded to the Flow Tee above where the Tray sits, directs any fluid coming down the Flow Tee into the Tray.

Four drain ports allow the fluid to be drained into the cellar or tank as deemed necessary.
Again there are no seals in this installation, making the installation quick and easy.

 Tray Diagram



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